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Comfy Calming Dog & Cat Bed Round Cuddler Plush Pet bed

Comfy Calming Dog & Cat Bed Round Cuddler Plush Pet bed

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With its pet-approved donut shape, snuggle-ready rim, and soft fiber filling, the calming bed is built to soothe.

The bed is both soft and supportive, helping anxious pets to feel warm, safe, and secure. It’s the anxious dog’s best friend (second to you, of course).

Each bed is made from high-quality, 100% pet-friendly materials.

The bed’s warm, supportive design promotes a sense of wellbeing, helping dogs to sleep more soundly, cope with stressful situations, and experience less separation anxiety.

For quiet afternoon snuggles and safety during a thunderstorm, the Pet Bed will be your dog’s safe refuge day after day.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS - The pet calming dog bed is made of durable luxurious faux fur. The interior is filled with super-soft environmentally friendly PP cotton. It has always provided soft support for the pet, which relieves the pet muscle and joint pain.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL BOTTOM - The cat and dog cushion bed has an anti-slip PVC dot fabric bottom. The anti-slip design at the bottom of the fluffy dog bed can provide better stability, and your dog can play and rest securely in the calming dog bed.

EASY TO CARE - The bed is washer-and-dryer-safe for effortless care. Machine wash on a gentle cycle and tumble dry on low heat. It is recommended to wash and dry separately. Notice: Please leave it for a while after receiving the calming dog bed, it will return to shape after shaking.


S (20''x20'') for pets up to 12lbs
M (24"x24") for pets up to 20lbs
L (27.5"x27.5") for pets up to 38lbs
XL (31''x31'') for pets up to 55lbs
XXL (39''x39'') for pets up to 95lbs

Measurement method

Measure your dog from the base of their tail to the tip of their nose.
Add approx. 4" / 10cm to that measurement. Write this number down.
Select a bed with an outer diameter that’s equal to or larger than the number you wrote down.

Pay close attention to the size chart and your dog’s measurements to ensure that you get the bed that’s right for them.

NOTE: When in doubt, size up!

“A cuddler from day one! She loved immediately, it can support her head, and she can curl up like she does when she wants to sleep. We have all been amazed at how well this bed actually works for my daughter’s super sweet but anxious little Bichon. It gives her a place of her own and a place she can hide her "precious" treasures. It can be moved from the living room to bedroom or our vehicle if needed.” – Colleen

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