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Kitchen Sink Draining Basket

Kitchen Sink Draining Basket

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Kitchen sink draining baskets, a great helper in the kitchen! The drainage hole design, with a concave and convex table suspension and smooth edges, allows you to keep your sink clean and clutter-free at all times.

  • Drainage storage made easy: the large shelf space next to it is perfectly suited to put down all kinds of kitchen residues. The removable strainer prevents food from clogging the sink.
  • Wet and dry separation for multiple uses: easy draining and no more sink blockages. Makes for a tidy kitchen table. The sink shelf has multiple drainage holes at the bottom, no more mouldy kitchen gadgets and a dry place for sponges and wipers.
  • Easy to install and space saving: use at the back of the sink to increase storage space without adding bulk. Suitable for all double sinks, simply place it on the wedge of the sink and start using it.
  • Multifunctional: the removable strainer can be used to filter food scraps and prevent the sink from clogging, as a drainage basket for fruit and vegetables, or even as a drainage basket for cutlery and dishes. Small tools can be stored and other small items can be returned.


  • Material : Plastic
  • Colour: blue/yellow/green/orange
  • Size: 

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1*Kitchen Sink Draining Basket

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