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Magnet Screwdriver Head

Magnet Screwdriver Head

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Magnet Screwdriver Head

The Magnetic Pal PRO is ergonomically designed to firmly hold screws by an extremely durable magnetic tip. This product will EXCEED your expectations!
It has an amazing magnetic feature, not only will it help set your screw straight, it will stay attached to the magnet without having to hold the screw with your other hand and risk your fingers!
Simply attach the magnetic tip to the bit and then onto your drill and get ready to say "WOW!"


    • Heat treated to resist breakage & wear, to control depth of screw during driving applications.

    • Designed to be used with any power drill or cordless drill.

    • Depth setting bit tip offers screw tool feature in a power drill, shock resistant tool steel for maximum durability hardened core for extra strength and reduced breakage.

    • Easy to install

    • High strength and hardness.

    • Durable


    • Screw Head Size:0.4" Hex Shank
    • Length: 2.56" APPROX
    • Shank Diameter: 0.4" approx.


    5pics or 10pics x Magnet Screwdriver Head

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